Let's Be Together
"This one is partly about insomnia. Sometimes I can't sleep and I end up watching old black and white movies from the 20s, 30s, or 40s. When it's late at night and there's nothing to distract you, you can become absolutely transported. Suddenly you're in this whole other reality, and it's something that the people who made the movie worked hard to create. They are long gone, and here you are, involved in a sort of communion with the past through what they created – all alone with those characters in the middle of the night. I think it's a form of time travel."

What We Already Knew
"I guess this one's about karma and self-awareness. And hubris. My favourite thing about it is the fat bassline, this rhythmic hook that just felt so good. I was in an almost meditative state recording that. You might notice different sounds throughout, like the orchestra brass coming in at the very end."

"An epileptic medication that is also prescribed for neurological benefits to try to block nerve signals and decrease nerve pain and related symptoms such as 'zapping' shock-like pains and migratory muscle spasms. Take as directed."

Oprah, God Wants You To Have A Private Jet
"Oprah is obviously a transformational figure who has helped and inspired millions of people. She regularly sheds light on important causes and issues. The story behind this song is that I had recently read some comments she had made about travelling in private jets and I started thinking about how wealth can disassociate people from perhaps more commonly-shared experiences of reality. And I have this thing about people who invoke 'God' in their own success - ie. 'God' wanted me to win an Academy award, or 'God' wants me to have a private jet so I can travel everywhere quickly and easily to bring Change to the world. etc. etc. I had no intention of writing about it but I was working on some music one day and the phrase and melody and chord progression came into my head all at once, and the rest pretty quickly after that. And I found while it emerged that it had a sympathetic voice towards her as well. So yeah. It's both an homage to her and a parody of 'God-justified' excess."

Juliet Of The Spirits
"Love and duplicity. That's about it. This is the only song on the album that was not recorded in the Queen east studio I share with my friend Noah Mintz (check out his new song blog)."

Warm As The Sun
"I'm just going to let this one speak for itself. It's about how it feels."

It's A Long Way Home
"This one is a rumination on space and time, and how far away from 'home' we can be as individuals, and as a species. Maybe 'home' itself is an illusion anyway. Maybe it just means being 'authentic to oneself', or having a space, however temporary, that feels safe and true. (OK now I'm thinking about that Paul Young song fro the 80's - 'Wherever I Lay My Hat, That's My Home'...) The first part of the verse pictures early hominids living together. The next part is about a particular memory I have that involves contemplating what/where I come from. The next part is picturing a world in which we've evolved to build skyscrapers and bombs, and how fucked up and incredible it is. (We are living in science fiction, folks......)"

Mind Off The Blue
"This one is about trying to disengage. Not so easy, trying to unwrap the Precious Present."

"I had this idea in which I was going to pick 4 random years from history and make a song about them. This one became the sole focus. It is basically all about social and political events that actually happened in the year 1333. When I started reading about them, and thinking about the people involved, and contemplating their lives - it made me think about how we are all part of a wave of history and that we to will all cease to be. If our species survives, some future version of us may try to understand who we were, and why things happened the way they did. And one day in the distant future, the Sun will explode and there won't be anything left at all, just space. So yeah, I guess this is also partly about my obsession with Space."

"This is one of the songs here that was written primarily on acoustic guitar. I kept it very stark and simple. Like all of these songs it was recorded in an environment where I could completely concentrate and just sink into the music. I didn't worry to much about blemishes in the vocal takes - it's more about feel. I don't splice together the best parts from multiple takes and I don't use any special filters. I just go for nice reverbs, do a few passes, and keep the one that feels the best. I'm careful to not over-do the overdubs, but I love exploring different sounds to make different texture. I have spent days in the studio just playing with and discovering sounds."

The Ice Storm
"OK a funny story about this one. I had the progression, melody and basic lyrics for a while. I had been experimenting with lots of different overdubs, sounds and instruments etc. Then I went away from it for awhile. When I came back I stripped it down and it felt right. I then spent a weekend where everything came together quickly and I completely finished it. I got it ready to send out for mixing. And then for some reason I completely forgot about it (I have so many songs/projects in various states of completion that so it kind of got lost in the ether as I became distracted with other songs). So after I had sent the album out for mixing I stumbled on to this one, and sent it at the last minute. If I had not stumbled onto it that night it would have missed the boat. Which would have been sad, because it felt good making it. It has a very intimate, stark feel which reflects exactly what I wanted it to."

All Our Yesterdays
"This song is about helplessness, love and one-ness."